Top Fans Contest App

  • Facebook top fans app is build to get Real Targeted Fans and viral promote Products and Services.
  • App Description:
  • Each of the users of this app first need to Like the page to enter, which bring you new real fans.
  • Users will need to Like, Comment on your fanpage posts to get points, one point for each like and comment.
  • Invite Friends, for each invite will get one point, which will make your fanpage posts go really viral and bring lot of new fan and customers.
  • When user Like and Comment on your fanpage posts it gets posted in news feed visable to all user friends
  • Invited message is posted to invited friends wall + notification (not just notification). Invited message is personalized with user profile image and invited friend name in the invited message details. When anyone of the invited friends click this message will be taken to a separate personalized Like Gate page where will ask the friend to Like and help the user win the contest.
  • For each user that enter the contest for first time, a link back to the contest is posted to their wall (link that you can customize from admin, title, description, thumbnail)
  • Users: In admin USERS menu will show all app users with their info (name, email, facebook id, token) Select and post to multiple users wall, it will post in their name, post will be visible to all user friends. Send emails to multiple users.
  • Settings: In admin SETTINGS menu we have several options as: set contest end date, set new contest when contest ended, write the Contest details/rules that will show on front, set the link that will be posted to users wall when they access for the first time.
  • Notifications: From admin USERS menu you can select users and send custom notifications, here can add Notification Name and URL. You can send notifications about the app, urls from your websites, affiliate links or anything you need.
  • Batch Notifications: From admin BATCH NOTIFICATIONS menu can automate the sending of the notifications to users, set number of users to notify at time, set time between notifications and you are done, edit or delete batch notifications.
  • Batch Posting to Users: From admin BATCH POSTING menu can automate the posting to users wall, here can create the status you would like to post to users wall (link,video,photo), set the time between posting and your are done, the app will do the rest, edit or delete batch posts.
  • Top Fans: From admin TOP FANS menu you can create collage image with the top 10 users and share on the fanpage.
  • Export: from admin EXPORT menu can select and download the users details that you want to export, user names, emails, facebook id, token…
  • When the contest End, the app will show the Winners with most points.
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly contest as you need.
  • You can add this app to any Facebook Fan Page you have old or new Page, to collect new fans.
  • Easy to change design and language, we can also do for you.
  • You will receive this Facebook Top Fans App files and full Installation instructions, to install the app on your hosting. Easy to install and easy to use. You will have the app for unlimited time and create as many contest as you need. We can install the app for you if need, for free.
  • One time fee, Free updates, Free support