With the official statement from Facebook about the Dislikes button, it is now one of the hot topics among the social media enthusiasts. How will the dislike button help you to make your post popular?

Our team @ Socialyup.net researched about this topic and came forward with some of the benefits of Facebook Dislikes button.

  • With more Dislikes, people will get attracted towards your post. As per normal human tendency, people get attracted towards things that most of the people have disliked, to have a look at it.
  • More dislikes may tempt your regular users to hit the like button more, to bring up the likes count. This is the action caused under brand loyalty.
  • You can even buy Facebook Dislikes to compete with your competitors.

Keeping all these thoughts in mind, we have decided to soon launch buy Facebook Dislikes service on your reliable network of Socialyup.

In the meantime you can enjoy our other Facebook marketing services and market your Brand over Facebook.

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